Flowers And The Bike
Flowers And The Bike
Flowers And The Bike

Flowers And The Bike

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Are you looking for a new, fun and relaxing hobby? Diamond Painting Kits are an easy and enjoyable activity for people in various age groups. Did you know that Diamond Painting Kits are now one of the fastest growing new hobbies in the world?

🌸🌸🚲🚲💎 💎 Get your own Flowers and the Bike Diamond Painting Kit and help spread the word about this wonderful Hobby.  Get yours now while they last ! 💎💎🚲🚲🌸🌸

Diamond shape: Square
Full Diamond Painting Kit
Canvas Packing Method:
Rolled up

This amazing Diamond Painting Kit includes everything you need to get started:

  1. Your diamond painting canvas (covered by a thin plastic)
  2. Pen - You can paste 1 diamond or up to three or four at the end of the pen. The pen can be used on either end.
  3. A tray
  4. A Piece of wax – Used with the pen to help pick up diamonds from the tray and to apply them. You do not melt it or need much on the tip.
  5. Color packets- These are coded and apply to a symbol used on the canvas. Similar to paint by numbers.